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Planning an event?


Choose from one of our many catering options.  We do both

in-house and off-site staffed catering.  We also have pick-up & delivery/set-up options!


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Banquet Hall Catering

Catering Out


Delivery and set up for minimum of 50 people includes plates, utensils, napkins, cups, dinner rolls, and/or sandwich buns. Must return chaffing dishes, hot boxes, utensils, etc. Catering for under 50 people is pickup only. Includes plates, plasticware, and napkins. Coffee, sugar, Sweet'N Low, and Cream is $1.00/person. A deposit is required to confirm all parties and banquets. Deposits are non-refundable if party is canceled less than 60 days before the scheduled event date. Deposits will be deducted from the bill at the end of the event. Payment in full is required at least one day prior to your event date. Tax exemption certificates must be submitted for all sales of tax exempt functions. Selection of menu items must be made two weeks in advance of the date of the party with an approximate attendance number. A final number must be confirmed seven days prior to party date. Your final bill will be your guaranteed attendance figures along with any additional guests that have been added. A 6% sales tax will be added along with an 18% gratuity if we staff the event. All prices subject to change.

Catering Policy

Large Order Takeout Broasted Chicken


Choose Two (2) Entrees:

Swiss Steak | Stuffed Pork Chops | Stuffed Chicken Breasts | Italian Beef with Rolls | Sliced Rolled Roast Beef with Gravy | Broasted Chicken | Baked Chicken | Pork Tenderloin | Stuffed Cabbage | Boneless Breaded Chicken | Grilled Chicken | Chicken Marsala | Breaded Pork Chops | Baked Cod | Hot Sauasage with Rolls | Chicken Parmesan | Stuffed Shells | Italian Meatballs

Choose One (1):

Penne Marinara | Macaroni & Cheese | Haluski | Sweet Potatoes | Scalloped Potatoes | Parsley Potatoes | Mashed Potatoes | Baked Potatoes | Twice Baked Potatoes | Potato Salad | Pasta Salad (French or Italian) | Macaroni Salad | Pierogies

Choose Two (2):

Riviera Blend (green bean, yellow bean & carrot)

Broccoli Normandy (broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot)

Mixed Vegetables | Buttered Corn | Green Beans | Glazed Baby Carrots | Baked Beans | Coleslaw | Tossed Salad


Coffee, Hot Tea, and Unlimited Soft Drinks

Also Available:

Beer, Wine, and Cocktails                                                               Please call for pricing.

Fruit Cup

$2.00/person extra

Cup of Soup

$2.00/person extra


$2.00/person extra

*6% sales tax & 18% gratuity, 22% gratuity for less than 30 people

Party Menu | In Our Hall | For Showers, Parties, and Meetings

Choose Two (2)

Ham BBQ with Rolls | Italian Beef with Rolls | Ham Salad Croissants | Ham & Cheese Croissants | Chicken Salad Croissants | Tuna Salad Croissants | Egg Salad Croissants

Choose Two (2)

Coleslaw | Cucumber Salad | Seasonal Fruit Salad | Macaroni Salad | Potato Salad | Pasta Salad | Tossed Salad | Cup of Soup

Pizza and Salad Bar                                                                                    $12.00 per person

Variety of Pizza Available


Unlimited Coffee and Soft Drinks

Bar on Request for additional charge

Hor d'oeuvres                                                             Please call for pricing & avaialbility.

Sausage Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Mini Quiche Assortment

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Mini Hot Dogs Bites

Taco Dip with Chips

Swedish Meatballs

Pizza Bread (serves approx.12)

Vegetable Crudite

Cubed Meats & Cheeses with Crackers

Seasonal Fruit Platter

Bruschetta (serves approx. 20-30)

*6% sales tax & 18% gratuity, under 30 people 22% gratuity

We deliver and set up for a minimum of 50 people (under 50 is pickup only). Deposit required.

Buffet I

Delivery and set up included; paper and plastic.

Choose One (1):

Boneless Breaded Chicken | Broasted Chicken | Italian Beef with Rolls | Stuffed Cabbage | Hot Sausage with Rolls | Italian Meatballs | Baked Chicken | Sliced Rolled Roast Beef with Gravy

Choose One (1):

Rivera Blend (green beans, yellow beans, and carrots)

Asian Blend (broccoli, green beans, mushrooms, red peppers, and onions)

Broccoli Normandy (broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots)


Scalloped Potatoes | Twice Baked Potatoes | Mixed Vegetables | Parsley Potatoes | Macaroni Salad | Potato Salad | Tossed Salad | Green Beans | Baked Beans | Pasta Salad | Coleslaw | Corn | Fruit Salad (when available)

Choose One (1):

Coffee, Lemonade, Iced Tea

Buffet II


25 Pieces


30 Pieces


40 Pieces

50 Pieces


60 Pieces


75 Pieces


100 Pieces


125 Pieces


150 Pieces


*Prices subject to change.

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Choose your great additions

$18.95 per person

$12.00 per person